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Google Email Spam & Virus Protection

Powered by Postini now offers email spam and virus protection, encryption and archiving services through Google Message Security, powered by Postini, It provides effective inbound and outbound email security for organizations of all sizes.


  • Spam and virus quarantine
  • Blocked senders List
  • Approved senders list
  • Easy delivery of email caught in quarantine.
  • No software to install or upgrade

Postini simplifies the task of managing security and compliance of email messages and frees up valuable IT resources. Google Message Security is always on and always current, so organizations are assured of having effective and reliable protection for their email at all times.

Google Message Security blocks spam, phishing, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, directory-harvesting attacks and other email threats before they reach an organization, reducing load on email servers, conserving bandwidth and improving the performance of existing messaging infrastructure. Google Message Security also has a spooling feature that prevents massive data losses in the event of a system-wide network problem.

Google Message Security eliminates the need for constant patches and updates required by other appliance or software solutions. It also reduces the burden on IT help desks by empowering customers to manage their own message quarantines and settings with an easy to use, Web-based interface. Rather than calling the help desk, customers can inspect their message quarantines and deliver any desired messages. They can also fine-tune spam protection settings to their own preferred levels.

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