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Content Management Systems (CMS)

When it comes to web-based CMS, there are a variety of open source solutions; while each one doesn’t offer everything, there are three that clearly stand above the rest:  JoomlaDrupal and Word Press.

A content management system(CMS) is a method used to provide nearly complete control over content on the Web; everything from managing users, documents, various media, and a host of other things (depending on which CMS you use) is completely automated with an entire web structure including the page itself.

Aside from installing a CMS on your website’s server, they are generally easy to use and can save a webmaster weeks worth of development time or just be used by individuals who know completely nothing about web development.

There is, however, a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using a CMS; understanding the data structure (ie. sections, categories, content) is usually the largest obstacle to overcome. Fortunately, each CMS holds its own forums with a friendly community that’s always willing to help.

We choose these three not necessarily because of their ease of use, but rather their functionality. If used properly, these systems can provide a wealth of abilities and will expand to hold many years worth of data....

Keep in mind they are by far not simple; you get what you work for. If you’re looking for something simple, it’s likely that these are not for you. A simple CMS, in the end, will offer a simple result.

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